Taraji Club Project Opening

 On behalf of His Royal Highness Prince Abdullah Bin Musaed Bin Abdulaziz, the Representative of the General Sport Authority for youth affairs Abdul Ilah Al Dakkak will inaugurate on Sunday 25/07/2016 Al Taraji Club in Al Qatif region which is considered as one of the typical clubs executed by the Authority in Saudi Arabia.

The facility that will be inaugurated on a surface of 57100 square meters is formed of the main building that includes an indoor sports area, an indoor swimming area, the administration building, a football stadium planted with lawn that can contain up to 6200 spectators having all the required services and approbated by the International Football Federation, an athletics field and outdoor sports stadiums (hand ball, tennis). The 1600 square meters indoor sports area can hold all kinds of indoor games such as hand ball, basketball, volley ball and includes bleachers that can contain up to 250 spectators equipped with seats and electronic scoreboards. It also includes areas designed to cover all the needs of players and spectators such as change rooms, bathrooms and break areas for referees. The 1300 meters air-conditioned indoor swimming area includes a pool having 6 lanes of 13×25 meters, graduated in depth with 1 meter at the shallow end and 3 meters at the deep end and with steady and mobile springboards with heights that range from 1 to 3 meters. The swimming area also includes bleachers that can contain up to 200 spectators. The ground floor includes all the required swimming services such as change rooms, bathrooms, sauna room, Jacuzzi room, lockers, a gym equipped with the best machines, a cafeteria for players and visitors, a library, an oratory that can contain up to 100 persons and a conference room having bathrooms and places for all required services in an area of 3300 meters. The first floor includes administrative services, dorms and cafeterias for spectators in an area of 1251 square meters. The dorm can contain up to 32 guests and it includes a kitchen and areas for all other required services. The first floor also includes a training area for the team composed of 23 bedrooms for members of the technical and administrative boards and players. 

The location of the project also includes an alternative football stadium with an athletics field in addition to a number of outdoor stadiums for the training of all kinds of games such as tennis, volley ball and handball. It also includes a parking area for cars.

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