• Sport Facilities Reservation for Clubs & Federations

    This service enables you to book sport facilities by the hour to set up training camps For teams, as well as exercises for sports clubs

    Target Groups:

    Rating: 3.2 / 5

    Application Requirements

    • The applicant must be a representative of the sports club or federation

    Terms and Conditions

    1- The number of players does not exceed 25 players with technical devices 
    2- Distributing the use during the exercise to all parts of the stadium and not focusing on one particular area in order to mitigate the damage resulting from the exercise. 
    3- When performing vigorous exercises, which may lead to significant damage to the grass, these exercises must be carried out outside the contact areas of the stadium. 
    4- Not to introduce heavy tools and hot liquids into the playing field. 
    ​​5- The moving goal must be used when training the goalkeepers and changing the positions of the goal each period in a new place. 6- Commitment to the specific times allocated for the training period so that the on-site maintenance team can carry out various work to maintain the pitch and prepare the stadium for the next training period.​

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