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The Community’s Participation in Sports and Physical Activities Program aims at increasing the number of athletes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on weekly basis and increasing the weekly activity rate from 13% to 20% by the year 2020. This program is considered as one of the main pillars that contribute to putting an end to the expansion of some chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity that are linked to the lack of activity or exercise. The General Sport Authority and the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee are seeking to add one million additional participants to the sports and physical activities during the five coming years through a number of initiatives approbated in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 as a basic factor of the vital community. The initiative of the community’s participation in sports and physical activities is compatible with the initiatives of the different sectors of Saudi Arabia due to their impact in enhancing the national pride, in including the whole community and especially youth in constructive programs and in creating job and voluntary opportunities in the sports field. This program also includes initiatives related to holding sports events that target non-professional athletes, supporting and registering lovers of sports talents and creating an effective regulatory environment for providing licenses for sports clubs, the fact that contributes to the expansion of the base of physical activity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.