The Ministry of Sports organizes a workshop on “Increasing the Private Sector’s Contribution to the Economy of the Sports Sector”

 The General Administration of Investment at the Ministry of Sports held a workshop entitled “Increasing the Private Sector’s Contribution to the Economy of the Sports Sector”, to discuss the strategic plan with stakeholders from the government and private sectors, and with local and international investors and business leaders, in addition to small and medium enterprises.

During the workshop, the most important investment opportunities in the sports sector and the main challenges facing investors in this field were reviewed, and more solutions were proposed to activate their increased participation and contribution to the growth of the sector, as this workshop comes to finalize the investment strategy in the sports sector.

The workshop has witnessed remarkable attendance with the participation of several private and governmental sectors from the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Investment, the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises, the Quality of Life Program, and the National Center for Privatization, in addition to a number of local investors and pioneering companies, and a number of entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies.

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